Delivery options

Secure the shipment of your mails

Find out about all the options available to make it easier to send your mail.


FollowMe is a tracking option that can be added to your mails by simply sticking a label on it, which contains a barcode. The sender keeps the slip with the tracking number, in order to keep track of his mail online.

€ 2,00


The option “Registered mail” can be added to your XS, S, M and L mails. When sending by registered mail, your item will carry a barcode number and when it will be taken to the POST, you will receive a receipt confirming it has been deposited in our network.

On delivery, the recipient or another authorized person will have to sign a slip to confirm good receipt of the item.

€ 5,00**

* For registered sendings to Australia, the option acknowledgment of receipt is necessary.

** Service exempt from VAT.


The sender of a mail can request an acknowledgement of receipt from the recipient.

When the item is delivered, the recipient or another authorized person signs an “acknowledgement of receipt”, which is then returned to the sender as a proof.

€ 2,10**

** Service exempt from VAT.


This option is for valuable items that need to be insured. The item is processed using specific procedures to guarantee its secure transportation.

€ 9,60**

** Service exempt from VAT.


Assurance+ is an additional all-risks insurance policy that covers loss, theft and damage for recorded delivery items and parcels.

To benefit from Assurance+ security, just affix one, two or three self-adhesive stamps, completed and signed, to your proof of deposit (receipt or dispatch note), which will be validated by one of our employees.

On top of the compensation* already included in the cost of sending your parcel, Assurance+ allows you to select an additional level of cover based on the contents of your parcel.

  • Applicable for registered letter
  • Not applicable to items with a declared value
  • Items of certain kinds are excluded from cover

1 Assurance+ stamps

up to €1,250 of additional cover

€ 5,50**

2 Assurance+ stamps

up to €2,500 of additional cover

€ 11,00**

3 Assurance+ stamps

up to €3,750 of additional cover

€ 16,50**


Note : Assurance+ is not applicable to items with a declared value. Items of certain kinds are also excluded from cover. Please refer to the general terms and conditions of Assurance+.

* Effective allowance: €35 for a national or international registered mail. For XL and XXL items, the allowance for damages amounts to a maximum of €35 respectively €530, depending on the destination country. Further information by calling 8002 8004 (free).

** Service exempt from VAT.