Parcel returns

Return your parcels the correct way!

Parcels returns are very frequent now, especially when the return fees are paid by the merchant site. It’s very simple: once your request for a return has been made, you’ll get a prepaid label that you should paste onto your parcel, so you can return your unwanted item(s) to the sender.


Several elements must be taken into account, when preparing your parcels, which are provided with a prepaid return slip.
In order to make sure your shipments are returned in the best possible conditions, take care to pack your parcel correctly; to stick the label in the right location and that you deposit the parcel within the deadlines, indicated by your merchant.


Here are some practical tips for packing your return parcel:

  • You can either reuse the original packaging or choose another suitable packaging;
  • Place the item in the packaging;
  • Close any openings in the packaging, securely, with tape.

To pack dangerous goods correctly:

  • You can either reuse the original packaging or choose another packaging: use solid packaging that is strong enough to hold the weight of the contents;
  • Wrap fragile objects separately, in waterproof bubble wrap or polystyrene with a thickness of 5cm;
  • Close any openings in the packaging, securely, with tape.


The directions below only apply to parcel returns with prepaid return slips:

  1. Hide all the original labels; they should no longer be visible at all.
  2. Clearly indicate the name and address of the return recipient and of the sender on the parcel.
    The return recipient provides you with the return prepaid label (with their address on it), which you just have to paste onto the parcel as indicated below:
    Adresser l'envoi sur un colis retours
  3. Your parcel is now ready to be sent.


Once your parcel is ready, you can choose how you return it! There are several options. You can go to a POST office, a Point POST, or you can return your parcel via a PackUp 24/24 station.

POST - Bureau de poste ou Point POST POST office or Point POST

Go to the POST office or Point POST of your choice, to return your parcel.

Please click on the following link to see all our POST sales outlet.

POST - Station PackUp 24/24 PackUp 24/24 station

Save time, when returning your parcels, by dropping them into a PackUp 24/24 station.

Take your parcel to the PackUp 24/24 station of your choice and follow the instructions on the screen.

Which parcels are allowed *?

  • Parcels with prepaid return slips bearing the words Cycleon, ERS or Amazon retour
  • Maximum dimensions: 750 x 440 x 610 mm
  • Maximum weight: 30 kg
Etiquette Cycleon
Etiquette ERS
Etiquette Amazon retour

* All other return parcels must be registered at a POST office

What’s more?

You don’t need to be a PackUp customer to use the return functionality!


Certain conditions must be respected when returning dangerous goods, because they require special handling. Please ensure you follow the rules, below:

  • Lithium batteries must be installed INSIDE the electronic device, if they were already installed at the time you received the parcel
    *Do not return batteries SEPARATELY, or any batteries that were included in the original parcel but that were not installed inside the device
  • The maximum quantity of batteries permitted in each parcel is:
    - 2 lithium batteries installed
    - 4 lithium batteries installed
  • The batteries must not be damaged or defective.

Please follow all of these instructions, to make sure that your goods are returned in perfect condition.