SIP Trunk on ConnectedOffice

Your next-generation telephone system using IP networks on ConnectedOffice

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Voice-over-ip keeping your existing telecom infrastructure

Upgradeable, ip-based all-in solution

Quality of service


A simple and scalable solution

A quality telephone service: you can talk on an IP-based network.
A wide array of possibilities, on top of telephony, with an ALL-IN-ONE offer based on single physical connection and providing you with all the IT and Telecom services you need: telephone, internet, WiFi, LAN and more – managed by POST

Why choose the SIP Trunk on ConnectedOffice solution?

  • From 2 to 30 channels
  • Possible interfacing with IP, BRI, PRI equipment
  • Option 4G Backup

The SIP trunk solution on ConnnectedOffice allows you to benefit from SIP trunking on a scalable solution such as ConnectedOffice.


A dedicated POST line without contact to the public Internet

SIP Trunk on ConnectedOffice lets you connect your existing telephone set-up (PBX), VoIP or ISDN, using a gateway installed by POST via a special end-to-end POST line unconnected to the public internet, offering the appropriate interfacing for the establishment of the IP connection to POST’s VoIP platforms.


Secure IP telephony system

  • Automatic failover: the architecture of POST’s new VoIP platforms is geographically redundant
  • Secure service: POST Telecom’s SIP Trunk establishes communications via POST’s secure private network, which is separate from the internet. This dedicated line prioritises voice calls while guaranteeing quality of service and confidentiality
  • Quality of service (QoS): the quality of service from the SIP Trunk solution provided by POST Telecom guarantees data transfer as well as transfer availability, speed and times, having a direct impact on the quality of incoming and outgoing calls
  • The service is managed end-to-end on the POST network from our SBC Gateway to the VoIP platforms
  • Customers may invoke POST’s network security guarantee in the event of fraudulent activity affecting voice calls on its SIP Trunk Business system
  • Firewall-like security equipment: a secure SBC Gateway (Session Border Controller) managed by POST and allowing interfacing with your PBX


  • Consulting service with our POST experts for implementation of the migration plan or VoIP configuration
  • Technical support based in Luxembourg
  • Porting of Luxembourg numbers
  • A test number for roll-out to ensure business continuity
  • Free communications within a company using the same SIP Trunk on ConnectedOffice

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