Phone service lines 900/901/905

Offer your customers support with added value

Offer your customers information or support for a fee.

  • Profitable
  • Choice between different billing levels
  • Available 24/7

Your Benefits

  • You stay directly in touch with your customers
  • A solution available 24/7 in Luxembourg via landline and mobile.
  • Profitable: the caller pays for all call charges. Because calling a 900 service costs more than a regular call, you will receive part of the additional charge paid by the caller. Choose how much your customer will pay for the call and how much commission you will receive, from different levels and based on the number called.
  • You will enjoy a simple and cheap tariff. There are two price levels available. Bill your customers per minute for an information service, games, entertainment ... For more targeted services, such as Televoting, callers can be billed per call.

Our solution

The 900/901/905 services provide you with marketing numbers so you can give out information your customer has requested. You will also receive commission on the cost of the call.

There are several packages available, based on the type of information:

  • Numbers with prefix 900
    General information, helpdesk, after-sales service …
  • Numbers with prefix 901
    Entertainment: games, competitions, horoscope …
  • Numbers with prefix 905
    Adult lines.

Charges and conditions

Only when a connection is made with our 900, 901 and 905 service numbers, will the call be remunerated.

For more information, please contact our call centre for business customers on 8002 4000 or your account manager.