Phone service lines 800 numbers

Make it easier for your customers to reach you

Give your customers the option to call you for free.

  • Available 24/7
  • Easy, clear and detailled billing 

Your Benefits

  • You stay directly in touch with your customers
  • A solution available 24/7
  • Free for your customers: calling a national or international freephone number is always free for customers and prospective customers. All call charges will be paid for by your company.
  • Economical: the freephone number will reach one of your phone numbers, so you don't need to order an additional phone line.
  • Available 24 hours a day: you can direct calls to a number of your choice during office hours and then redirect calls received outside of these hours to another number.
  • Talk to customers in their language: you have the option to direct calls to different commercial departments that can address the customers in their language.
  • Internal communication: by, for example, giving out your number to all your contacts abroad, you can be reached from all corners of the world, without worrying about expenses and other costs.
  • Easy and clear billing: we will send you a bill each month, listing the origin of all calls received on your freephone 800 number.

Our solution

Both your business and private customers need to be able to reach you. Giving them free access to a customer service line could be one thing that sets you apart from the competition.

We offer you 3 types of freephone numbers based on your needs:

  • National freephone (No: 8002 xxxxx):
    Can only be dialled from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, from landlines, mobiles and phone boxes.
  • International freephone:
    A local freephone number in more than 50 different countries. Can be dialled from certain mobile networks and phone boxes in foreign countries.
  • Universal freephone (No: +800 xxxxxxxx):
    One single freephone number that can be reached from abroad.