The full range of telephone services in a single solution

Enjoy all of the benefits that IP telephony can offer your business, all within the secure POST environment.

  • you can forget about investment costs and control your operational costs
  • benefit from all the features of telephony over IP and fixed mobile convergence
  • UNLIMITED communication packages to fixed numbers, in Luxembourg and abroad, to control the cost of your communications
  • your telephone network has never been so secure

The benefits to you

CloudPBX is a telephone exchange solution based on POST’s cloud platform, and is a component of our ALL-IN-ONE “ConnectedOffice” solution.

By opting for CloudPBX, you will enjoy all the benefits the cloud can offer for fixed and mobile telephony.

  • keep your landline numbers and streamline your numbering plan
  • your employees can be contacted on the same number, whether in the office or on the road, thanks to fixed mobile convergence
  • your operators can view the status of all the lines (fixed and mobile), in real time
  • you can set up a call centre in just a few clicks
  • manage all of your settings in a simple and user-friendly interface
  • simplify your invoicing with flat rate plans available for extensions or mobile phone lines (optional)

Our solution

CloudPBX includes the provision of a virtual telephone exchange, installed and managed on POST’s Voice over IP platform.

CloudPBX offers all of the functionality of a traditional telephone exchange, advanced services with a variety of options and centralised intra-company communications in a one-stop solution.

Together with the choice of technical components, from data communications equipment to telephone terminals, there is also a range of calling packages tailored to the needs of your company.

The main features of CloudPBX are:

Technical features:

  • access to a virtual telephone exchange using POST’s Voice over IP platform through customised connectivity
  • use of professional data communications equipment available for purchase
  • a wide range of telephone terminals available for purchase.
  • Simple configuration and management tools (CloudPBX Web Portal and POST CloudPBX Configurator app)

Related services:

  • Intra-company communications
  • UNLIMITED communication packages to control the cost of your fixed communications! Call without counting!
    - Unlimited NATIONAL communicationspackage1
    - Unlimited communications package Luxembourg/Belgium/France/Germany1
    - Unlimited communications package Luxembourg/Europe**/USA1
  • Fixed mobile convergence
  • Professional support
  • Specific training for users and/or administrators

Network Security Guarantee included in your ConnectedOffice offer with CloudPBX option *

The Network Security Guarantee makes it possible, in case of fraud detection, to partially cover the costs of communications considered to be fraudulent.

Customer Testimonies

Find out how CloudPBX from POST Telecom has facilitated the day-to-day operations of the company “Move-in Immobilier”!

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