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Work as if you were in the office and access your corporate LAN securely from home


ConnectedOffice includes a ConnectedOffice Managed VPN

A ConnectedOffice Managed VPN includes a set of features that allow you to extend your corporate LAN securely to remote sites, home offices or mobile users.

There are several options available:

Work from home in a click!

Client VPN is particularly useful for companies which operate using mobile devices and laptops, as well as for home office users. The Meraki Client VPN uses a native VPN that is embedded in Windows, Android, Chrome OS, macOS, Linux and iOS systems, to name but a few. The Client VPN service uses the Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol (L2TP) and can be deployed without any additional software being necessary on PCs, Macs and iOS and Android devices, as all these operating systems natively support L2TP VPN connections.

This option is free and can be activated remotely by our Contact Centre!

Work from home securely!

Teleworker VPN lets you create a secure encrypted tunnel between your home office and corporate network using the Meraki Teleworker device. You can take it with you when you are not at home: all you need is wired Internet access. It performs better than the Client VPN, but a Site-to-Site VPN must be activated first. It provides a fast and reliable connection for modern teleworkers and has a dynamic firewall that separates professional from personal traffic.

Set-up cost: €60/Subscription: €10

Make sure all your branches in Luxembourg are connected!

Site-to-Site VPN allows you to create a secure encrypted tunnel between ConnectedOffice sites and Meraki MX gateways. Connect not just two but several separate sites which belong to the same network.

Set-up cost: €120/Subscription: €10

Communicate and collaborate more quickly and efficiently remotely between colleagues, customers and suppliers

ConnectedOffice includes CloudPBX with Cisco Webex, which is a landline phone system that provides intuitive and practical tools in the form of options included with the offer:


LuxZone (fixed mobile convergence) lets you contact your colleagues whether they are on a single phone number, which is known as unified phone access.

Use your mobile phone while enjoying the same features as your landline phone (put on hold, call transfer, etc.). This feature is available using any type of mobile phone on the POST mobile network without having to install an app first.

Set-up cost: €20. Subscription: from €8/month/user

Organise secure remote meetings!

POST includes the Cisco Webex Meetings solution

Teleworking is made easy with Cisco Webex, the Cloud collaboration service. Schedule your telephone or video meetings, and share and modify your team documents, as if you were in the office.

Meet your team or clients face to face wherever you are, using any device.


  • Video conferencing made easy: Webex Meetings brings participants from all over the world together. Join a meeting from any device, use HD-quality video and audio features or share your screen.
  • Communication anytime, anywhere: organise and launch video conferences from your browser, from your mobile or desktop app, or from the video device of your choice. No downloads or plug-ins required.
  • Continuous teamwork in one place: secure application for video conferences, group messaging, file sharing, etc.
  • Always secure: everything you share, say and type is protected by end-to-end encryption.
  • Perfect compatibility with other tools: Webex is compatible with other tools that you already use (Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, etc.), without changing the way you work.

Try Webex now for free

Is your company not using Cisco Webex yet? Get a free Cisco Webex 90-day trial.

Try Webex for free

This three-month free trial includes unlimited Full HD video meetings with up to 200 participants, content sharing, recording and the latest tools to help you make the most and even more of each meeting.

logo cisco webex

Optimise your meetings, improve discussions between your teams via a secure collaboration space

Effective audio and video conferencing

It can be accessed by everyone from home, a hotel, the office or anywhere else. Organise your meetings with collaborative and practical features: screen sharing, live document sharing during the meeting, enhanced moderation features.

Simple and accessible in one click

Join meetings remotely or while on the move from your computer, landline, mobile, tablet or video conferencing room in a click!


Your meetings are carried out in complete privacy, using a managed service hosted on a highly secure platform. Your discussions are encrypted and access to the service is via an authentication system.