Declared Value

Insure your postal items for their value!

Valuable postal items deserve special treatment and for this reason it's best not to send them without insuring them beforehand. Choose the Declared Value postage option.

  • Option available for XS, S, M and L items
  • Available exclusively for items posted at a post office
  • Signature upon receipt
  • Insurance included: compensation is based on the insured value
  • Available for certain destinations and subject to specific packaging requirements

Our solution

The Declared Value option concerns valuable postal items, which can be insured. When your item is shipped with the Declared Value option, it undergoes special processing which guarantees secure forwarding.

Your item is then processed by a department with special responsibility for these types of items and does not transit via the usual postal network.

Your benefits

  • Convenience – Your postal item is processed in a highly secure manner
  • Insurance – Compensation is based on the Declared Value
  • Signature upon receipt – Your item will only be handed over in return for a signature from the recipient or another authorised person

Request the Declared Value option

To send an item with the Declared Value option, you should contact the post office directly.