Registered letters

To give legal force to your postal items!

Hundreds of thousands of letters are sent out every day by the post office. However, some of them must be sent by a certain deadline (applications, registrations, resignation or redundancy letters, etc.) for which the stamp and shipment method provide proof of posting.

  • Option available for XS, S, M and L items
  • Applicable for all destinations*
  • Legal proof of posting
  • Registered letters can be tracked nationally at
  • International tracking available if this service is offered by the foreign postal operator.

* For Australia, in order to have the person sign at the time of delivery you also need to choose the "Proof of receipt" option.

Our solution

When a letter is important and proof is required that it has been posted and processed by the postal network, send it by registered letter.

Your registered letter will bear a barcode number enabling you to track it until it is received by the recipient. When you send a registered letter, this will only be handed over in return for a signature by the recipient or another person authorised to sign it. If the recipient is not at home when the postman calls, he will leave a calling card containing a notification in the letterbox. The recipient then comes to collect his letter from the post office, bringing along his mail notification and his identity card.

The receipt signed by the recipient confirms reception of the letter and can be used as legal proof of distribution.

How does it work?

1. Obtain registered letter barcode labels

2. Prepare your letter
When preparing your registered letters, you can register them in various ways. These include:

  • On a certificate of posting for registered letters
  • In a registered letter deposit book, provided by POST
  • On registered letter lists prepared by you (for sending bulk batches)
  • At, where your registered letter labels can be generated online with the corresponding receipt

3. Drop off your letters
You can drop off your letters at the post office, give them to your postman or sign up to the Pickup service

Your benefits

  • Ease-of-use – A simple barcode label to be stuck on each letter
  • Track your letters – You can consult the delivery dates of your postal items

Request the "registered letter" option

To obtain the barcode labels to stick on your registered letters, you can simply obtain them from our sales outlets or, for bulk batches, place an order with the Customer Service Department by calling 8002 8004 (freephone number).