Proof of receipt

Make sure that your letter has been received!

When sending a registered letter or an item with a declared value, a sender may request proof from the recipient that the item has been received. This is the "proof of receipt".

  • Option available for all registered postal items or for a declared value
  • Available for XS, S, M and L items
  • Records the date the letter was received

Our solution

When an item is sent by registered letter it must be signed for at the time of receipt. This confirmation should not be confused with the proof of receipt which is an additional option.

When the sender asks for a proof of receipt, the recipient of the letter or another person authorised to do so signs a "proof of receipt" form which is then returned to the sender.

Your benefits

  • Proof of delivery of your postal item – The "proof of receipt" slip is signed by the recipient for the item and then returned to you
  • Legal force – You can be certain of the date your item was received
  • International – Available both nationally and internationally

Request the "Proof of receipt" option

To obtain "proof of receipt" cards, all you need to do is collect them directly from your post office or Point POST. To place an order for large quantities, please contact the Sales Department by calling 8002 8004 (freephone number).