Your best promotional offers every week!

The volume of advertising which comes through the letterbox these days is high and if your target audiences pay no attention to these letters, why continue to send them? With I-mail, the clients themselves choose whether to receive your offers or not.

  • 208,900 consumers reached every week
  • A well-known product
  • A national presence

Our solution

We can send out your promotional flyers and brochures, which we pack in blister packaging to ensure that these are protected from the rain during distribution.

Your promotional offers are distributed each week to those clients requesting this.

Your benefits

  • Greater visibility – Not only will everyone with the I-mail sticker receive your offers but these will also be distributed freely in our sales outlets
  • A high degree of flexibility – You can circulate your offers as a "one-shot" or on a weekly basis
  • Highly practical – You simply produce your promotional material and send it to us a few days beforehand. We'll handle the rest

Sending details of your offers using I-mail

To send a reply couTo request a quotation for the sending of information via I-mail, please e-mail regie@wort.lu or call 4993 9000.