Reply coupon

Include a reply coupon when the material you send out requires an answer!

When sending your mailshots, you can always include a reply coupon! In this way you provide the recipient with the possibility to comment on your service/product or to place an order directly.

  • Possibility to combine a reply coupon with the sending of a mailshot
  • Postal charges paid by the sender
  • Usable nationally and internationally
  • Available for postal items of up to 2kg*

* List of weights accepted by country

Our solution

To enable you to gather replies for a survey, or perhaps to receive confirmation of attendance at an event, the reply coupon is the ideal solution.

When you send out a mailshot this can be combined with a reply coupon to enable the recipient to reply to your survey or invitation, free of charge.

Be creative and take advantage of your postal campaigns to gather information!

Your benefits

  • Proximity – You provide your clients with the possibility to reply free of charge
  • International – Available for items sent nationally and internationally

Send a reply coupon

To send a reply coupon, please contact the Sales Department.