Unaddressed DirectMail

Reach new prospective customers with your advertising!

There's nothing like producing communication aids to promote your products and services, to help you gain new customers. Our unaddressed DirectMail solution enables you to circulate your advertisements, in the form of leaflets, flyers or prospectuses, to every letterbox in a municipality or region, or based on other targeting criteria.

In doing so, you can make direct contact with a large number of potential customers, as every resident has a letterbox and will therefore necessarily receive advertising and communication material of this kind on a daily basis.

For the distribution of your unaddressed advertising material, you can draw upon our unique experience in Luxembourg, guaranteeing you a reliable and high quality distribution.

  • Targeting based on your requirements and budget
  • Distribution by targeted geographical zones: national, by region, by postal area, by municipality or by locality, by district.
  • Advertising or information leaflets
  • Delivery time: D+3
  • Reply coupons can be included in your mailshots (on a contractual basis)

Estimate the cost of a DirectMail campaign and print the compulsory documents out to be supplied when submitting your mailshots by using our:


New number of recipients for DirectMail Commercial and DirectMail Informative

Our solution

The unaddressed DirectMail solution enables you to distribute your communication aids to prospects in order to gain potential new customers.

We can distribute two types of DirectMail:

  • Informative
    For your unaddressed communication campaigns containing content of an informative nature only. Distribution to all letterboxes without exception.
  • Commercial
    For your unaddressed communication campaigns containing content of a commercial nature. Distribution to all letterboxes which accept advertising (letterboxes without the "Keng Reklammen! w.e.g.” sticker). You can choose from the following options:
    • All letterboxes
    • All professionals
    • Letterboxes of single-family households
    • Letterboxes of multi-family households

Tip: Reply coupon

When you send out DirectMail, you have the possibility to attach a reply coupon, which could take the form of a card or reply letter, included with your mailshots. It enables your customers to react directly to your message. This solution is only available on a contractual basis.

Your benefits

  • A national network – We distribute your DirectMail to all letterboxes in Luxembourg
  • More potential customers – You can reach the whole population because all residents or companies based in Luxembourg have a letterbox
  • A high degree of flexibility – You can go for a "one-shot" operation or arrange distribution in several stages
  • Faster distribution times – Distribution in 1 working day (only on a contractual basis)

Sending out a non-addressed DirectMail shot

To send out a non-addressed DirectMail shot, please contact your post office or the Sales Department.