Mail Holding and Mail Redirection

No more worries about your post when moving office or travelling!

If you are temporarily absent or in the process of moving, your post must be able to follow you or to be held. For this reason, it is vital to request the activation of the mail holding or forwarding service a few days beforehand.

  • Holding and forwarding of newspapers and mail
  • Possible period for forwarding: between 30 days and 3 years
  • Possible period for holding: between 3 days and 2 months

Our Mail Holding solution

Thanks to the mail holding service, there is no risk of your letterbox getting full during the annual closure period of your company and no more obvious signs of a prolonged absence. To recover your post intact when your company reopens, opt for the mail holding service.

Your benefits

  • Practical – Your mail is held by the post office during the closure period of your company and made available to you when it reopens
  • Fast – Submit your request up to 3 days before the desired start date
  • Flexible – Arrange for your post and newspapers to be held for the period of your choice (from 3 days to 2 months)

Request holding of your post

To arrange for your post to be held, simply visit the post office with your PostPro card or submit an online request on the website

Our Mail Redirection solution

Thanks to the Mail Redirection service, you can arrange to your post and your parcels to be forwarded to you.

If you move house, have all of your post redirected to your new address. The forwarding of newspapers is free of charge. We advise you to contact the publisher directly to inform him of your new address.

Temporary forwarding - If you’re absent for some time, use the Mail Redirection to ensure that your post reaches you during your absence, at another address.

Your benefits

  • Practical – Avoid the loss of any post when relocating
  • Fast – Submit your request 3 days before the desired start date
  • Flexible – The Mail Redirection service can operate for a period to suit you (from 7 days to 3 years)

Request the redirection of your post

To request the redirection of your post, simply visit the post office with your PostPro card or visit