PostPro Card

Make life simpler with easy access to postal services!

All of your company's postal operations can be performed directly at the post office of your choice. To avoid losing time and to facilitate your postal transactions, request a PostPro Card.

  • The card is not tied to any single person
  • Issuing of a customer number
  • Monthly invoicing

Our solution

A PostPro Card issued in the name of your company with which your employees can carry out daily, weekly or monthly postal transactions for your business.

All they need to do is go to the post office with your PostPro Card, where they can carry out your postal transactions. You will receive a monthly invoice and so you no longer need to pay there and then.

Your benefits

  • Ease of use - A card featuring your customer number, which can be used by all of your staff for all your postal operations
  • Simpler management – A detailed monthly invoice
  • Free – The PostPro Card is completely free of charge

Request a PostPro Card

To receive your PostPro card, please contact the Sales Department.