Online stamps

Select your stamps, pay for them online and print them out.

With everything today being web-based, the possibility to buy stamps online has become a "MUST" to make life easier for you and enables you to print your stamps out at home or at work.

  • Available via the eservices portal
  • Print them at home or on your office printer
  • Immediate use
  • Online payment

Our solution

The "Online stamps" solution enables you to choose the picture to be featured on your stamps from a selection of images and then print them out directly from your printer.

Immediate availability with just a few clicks! Proceed as follows:

  1. Choose your stamps
  2. Pay online
  3. Print your stamps

Your benefits

  • Practical – You can choose from several different mediums to print out your stamps
  • Easy – You simply pay and print online
  • Fast – No need to visit a post office. Your stamps are printed directly on your office printer

Printing stamps online

To use the "Online stamps" tool, log in to your account at