Frank your postal items using the SelfPost self-service franking machines!

A minor operation such as buying stamps should not take up too much of your time when you're out. For this reason, SelfPost franking terminals are at your disposal.

SelfPost is a self-service machine comprised of a screen and a scale which will guide you through the purchasing process when buying stamps but also enables you to directly frank your postal items.

  • A self-service franking machine
  • Available for sending items ranging from XS to XL (XXL not available)
  • Afterwards, simply place your franked items in the letter box underneath a scale
  • Payment by bank card

Our solution

SelfPost self-service stamp distributors are available in certain sales outlets. Thanks to SelfPost, you can save time when franking your items and avoid the need to queue up. All you need to do is follow the instructions on screen and pay the postage by bank card.

Your benefits

  • Fast – Pay for postage without needing to queue up
  • Practical – Instructions for using the machines are available in five languages: French, German, Luxembourgish, English and Portuguese
  • Simple – The screen will guide you through the whole process of franking your items and paying the postage

Using SelfPost

To frank your postal items with SelfPost, simply visit one of our sales outlets which has a self-service machine.