Use your own postmark!

Post-Paid is a postmark intended for major senders of postal items and is printed directly on the envelope.

  • Fully adapted for sending out your mailshots and other types of mass postage activities
  • Applicable for postal items in sizes from XS to L nationally, throughout Europe and worldwide
  • This service is available subject to contract

Our solution

Do you regularly send out large numbers of mailshots or other postage items? As a major sender, you qualify for the Post-Paid solution.

Particularly well adapted to high volumes of post, franking with a Post-Paid mark is a handy custom solution.

This postmark displays your company's contract number which you can print on all types of envelopes for all destinations.

Your benefits

  • Flexible – The Post-Paid mark can be printed directly on the envelope or applied using a stamp or label
  • Practical – Rather than franking each item individually, the postpaid stamp serves as a postmark and stamp
  • Economical – Franking your items using the Post-Paid solution provides access to special prices subject to certain contractual terms

Request a "Post-Paid" contract

To obtain a post-paid contract and to familiarise yourself with the special conditions which apply, please contact the Sales Department.