Franking machine

Use a franking machine for your day-to-day postal requirements!

The day-to-day franking of postal items for your company can be made much easier and faster thanks to a franking machine, enabling you to manage your postal operations more effectively.

  • A choice from among several approved suppliers
  • Several models, brands and contracts available
  • Franking of postal items in price ranging from XS to L nationally, throughout Europe and worldwide

Our solution

A flexible solution, a franking machine enables you to easily process all types of post. To obtain a franking machine, please contact an approved supplier who will handle all the formalities for you.

Your benefits

  • Practical – You'll never run out of stamps
  • Simple – You can frank all of your postal items from XS to L, and a range of options are available: registered letter, proof of delivery and declared value
  • Flexible – A choice of places where you can drop off your postal items: in a post office, a letterbox or using the Pickup service available as an option

Request a franking machine

Please contact the franking machine suppliers to learn more about the terms of use and find the best machine which meets your requirements.