Purchase your postal items over the Internet!

An online shop offering a range of postal products in addition to stamps and collectors’ items

  • Available via the eservices portal
  • Online store
  • A selection of postal items, stamps and coins
  • Home delivery

Our solution

eShop is the solution we have introduced for your orders over the Internet. This is an online store where you can order current series of stamps, collectors’ stamps in addition to PostEnveloppes and other postal products.

Your benefits

  • Practical – Day-to-day products such as stamps, PostEnveloppes but also collectors’ items are available in the eShop
  • Easy – You order and pay online
  • Convenient – No need to visit a post office. You place your order online and it will be delivered to you as soon as it is ready

Purchasing via the eShop

To view and/or purchase items on the eShop, login