DDoS Mitigation

Protect your business networks from malicious traffic thanks to DDOS Mitigation, the service made to secure your connectivity and your Internet services!


Near 200.000 cyberattacks take place everyday worldwide, against big as well small firms.

These attacks are intended to make a server, service or informatics & Telecom infrastructure unavailable by overloading the server’s bandwidth or hogging its resources until they are exhausted, leading to your customers and co-workers being unable to access your Internet services.

These attacks represent a serious threat that could be very harmful to your firm.

Protect your business thanks to POST

Our DDoS Mitigation range meets the many different protection needs of our clients’ internet services. It protects your infrastructure and internet services against volume and application attacks by mitigating your traffic, i.e. denying access to non-legitimate internet traffic and filtering your legitimate traffic via our DDoS systems.
These services are available on POST Telecom’s DIA and IP-Transit business internet products and private cloud services.

DDoS Mitigation TRAFFIC Protect

This service offers targeted protection against DDoS volume attacks such as:

  • Bandwidth Exhaustion, i.e. saturation of your internet connectivity
  • State-Exhaustion, i.e. saturation of the components of your internet-related IT infrastructure, such as load balancers, firewalls, etc.

This service includes:

  • Real-time and high-speed analysis of the internet packets that are intended for you
  • 24/7 detection of traffic anomalies
  • 24/7 supervision and proactive triggering of mitigation by our SOC, according to rules that are defined based on your needs and expectations
  • Mitigation of the DDoS attack : traffic is routed to the central Scrubbing Centre which denies non-legitimate IP packets and sends legitimate IP packets to your services

DDoS Mitigation IN-LINE

This service covers your ongoing and real-time protection requirements to combat application and volume attacks. In this way it provides extensive protection against complex and multi-vector DDoS attacks.

Once the IN-LINE DDoS service is active, the client’s internet traffic always passes through an IN-LINE Scrubbing centre, which applies continuous protective measures to internet traffic, in real time. An IN-LINE service is an ALWAYS ON service.

This service includes :

  • Real-time analysis of all your internet traffic’s IP packets that fall within the scope of the DDoS service
  • Detection of traffic anomalies and DDoS attacks within seconds
  • Automatic and real-time mitigation of your internet traffic
  • Client is notified of the attack and coordinated with in order to optimise mitigation.

The advantages

  • Your secure 24/7 internet access remains available, even during an attack: leverage our security expertise in order to protect your network, thus allowing your IT teams to focus on their core business
  • Continuity of your internet services is guaranteed for your legitimate clients and users: attacks are detected and filtered before they reach your infrastructure
  • Single point of contact for managing your internet access and DDoS security
  • Affordable insurance against the threat of DDoS attacks
  • Financial and reputational protection : safeguard against the financial repercussions that could be caused by an interruption of your internet services or the loss of client confidence
  • Flexible configuration and setup of your DDoS protection, based on the scale and scope of your internet services that you need to protect
  • Controlled budget : no need for additional equipment and/or human resources
  • 24/7 assistance from our SOC’s security and cybersecurity experts in case of an attack
  • Localised solution that is 100% Luxembourg-operated
  • Solution that complies with restrictive local data management policies
POST Luxembourg - ControlCenter - Image Application
  • Visualize suspected DDoS attacks on your network
    thanks to ControlCenter!