Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Manage and secure all your mobiles

We offer a simple way to protect your company against the risks and restrictions posed by its variety of mobile devices.

  • Manage all of the business and personal devices that connect to your company's network
  • Monitor the security of access to your company's data and applications
  • Make implementing your 'Bring Your Own Device' policy simpler


MDM is a terminal management tool that runs on various operating systems. Procedures can be carried out remotely on the company's mobile terminals, without the terminals having to be physically on site.

With its MDM solutions, POST offers:

  • An audit service that is tailored to your company's needs
    • Drawing up a security policy
    • Support in defining a BYOD approach and strategy for your company
    • Choosing equipment and an implementation solution
  • Managing your BYOD fleet
    • Providing a management tool for all your mobiles
    • Settings that comply with the company's security policy
    • Tailored training for the tool administrator
    • Technical and operational support for the administrator
    • After-sales service for equipment (rental, repairs, etc.))
  • Pricing solutions to suit your usage
    • Help with defining user profiles
    • Methods for differentiating business and personal usage on bills
    • Different price plans for data and call usage, based on the needs of company users
    • Flexible arrangements for providing equipment


MDM is vital to increasing mobility, which has become a key factor in transforming how businesses operate. Many companies are keen to exploit the huge potential of these tools, particularly smartphones and tablets, to implement a real strategy.

"Solution"-oriented approach

POST adopts a 'solution'-oriented approach to the business market that responds to the specific needs of its clients. This approach is often based on user demand and the importance they attach to security, but also on the fleet's history.

Developed using the Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 and MobileIron technical platforms, POST's MDM solutions allow procedures to be carried out remotely, without terminals having to be physically on site:

  • Inventory: identify terminals, activate/deactivate, produce reports
  • configuration: compartmentalisation, block applications or traffic, usage policy
  • implementation: install applications, remote configuration, updates
  • synchronisation: synchronise user data
  • cost management: usage limits and user alerts
  • security: blanking, remote blocking, access policy, encoding, geolocation, create virtual tunnels
  • security: blanking, remote blocking, access policy, encoding, geolocation, create virtual tunnels



These solutions are universal and are compatible with all the main operating systems on the market, including BlackBerry, Apple iOS, Nokia Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, HP webOS and WP7 limited.

From infrastructure to service

POST's MDM solutions can be implemented in two main ways:

  • on the client's server infrastructure (on site) – the solution is installed on server infrastructure resources provided by the client
  • on POST's cloud platform – the solution runs on a virtual server in the cloud infrastructure. This is a particularly attractive option for companies that are considering migrating their services to the cloud.