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What is the IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network created by so-called “smart” devices which collect and exchange information between themselves and with us, via the internet. Real-time access to the data collected by these objects means that areas for improvement can be effectively identified, creating value and reducing costs...

Whatever your area of activity, POST is there to help you design and implement your IoT projects with complete peace of mind. Turnkey solutions, tailored to your needs to improve productivity and enhance your business!

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Optimise the use of your spaces

Space Management is the solution for managing your workspaces and parking spaces which allows you to analyse and optimise their use in real time. Space Management offers you the option of managing your entire infrastructure and adapting the available spaces, as and when required.

POST - IOT - Space Management

Our solutions

Smart Office

For your offices, POST’s solution offers you the essential monitoring tools for analysing their use in real time and thus avoiding costly vacancies. Space occupancy is measured through occupancy and counting sensors, which are adapted to each type of space: workstations, meeting rooms, open space etc...

The advantages of this solution:

  • Optimisation of spaces through real-time knowledge of their occupancy
  • Improvement of your employees’ experience
  • Reduction of underused space and associated property costs
  • Bespoke solution through sensors tailored to each type of space
  • Option of reserving meeting rooms via the application

Smart Parking

With POST’s Smart Parking solution, you can effectively manage your parking requirements and maximise the holding capacity of your parking spaces. You have all the tools for optimising the occupancy rate and can propose a booking system for facilitating the arrival of your employees or visitors.

The advantages of this solution:

  • Maximising the holding capacity of your parking spaces
  • Quicker and clearer access to available parking spaces
  • Speeding up of the turnover rate
  • Monitoring of parking time in real time and analysis of visitor numbers
  • Option of reserving parking spaces via a mobile application
  • Defining of permitted parking zones by user profiles

Smart Business

Smart Business is a people-counting solution, using stereoscopic sensors to gain better knowledge of total footfall in shops, buildings, branches, showrooms, museums, etc. This solution provides presence and movement indicators indoors and outdoors in specific areas, both in real-time and through charts or even heatmaps to identify areas of high or low usage within a site.

The benefits:

  • Assessment of busy and quiet periods to optimise opening hours
  • Optimal deployment of staff on each site, adjusted for visitor numbers
  • Calculation of the number of individuals present on a given site
  • Notification if a site with occupancy limits is too busy
  • Specific recognition possible (gender, mask-wearing, staff member, etc.)

Optimising water management

Smart water meters make it possible to read water consumption remotely and detect any leaks. The Smart Water solution offers regular monitoring of water consumption and means that bills accurately reflect real usage.

The major advantages are the ability to take remote meter readings and to access accurate consumption data. You will also receive smart system alerts in the event of leaks, burst pipes or fraud, etc.

POST - IOT - Smart Water

The benefits

  • Daily usage can be viewed remotely without needing to physically check a meter
  • Data is centralised in an app and/or via a platform
  • Leaks are detected immediately to enable prompt repair
  • Simplified and accurate bills
  • Adjustable flow rate based on your requirements
  • Final statements are generated easily when moving house
  • Water distribution network aging is prevented

Tracking your assets quickly

Asset Tracking is the solution for managing your assets which allows you to save time when searching for devices and to be alerted in case of unauthorised movements (geofencing). Using geolocation data, you can easily track your lost or stolen assets. Furthermore, POST helps you to accurately monitor your stock levels and to facilitate the inventory of these devices.

Simply attach the sensor to your equipment in order to always know where it is located, both indoors and outdoors. You will no longer waste time looking; Asset Tracking does it for you.

POST - IOT - Asset Tracking

The advantages of this solution:

  • Real-time knowledge of where your devices are located
  • Time saving and reduction of costs incurred from searching for equipment
  • Setting up alerts in case of exiting or entering predefined zones
  • Theft prevention
  • Bespoke solution that uses sensors tailored to each device and each space
  • Automated management of your inventories

The Facility Tools solution is a set of autonomous measuring and monitoring tools for better managing your environment: temperature, CO2, humidity, door opening, dry contacts or even pulse meters… Real-time access to data collected by devices allows you to identify areas for improvement and reduce costs in your company. Facility Tools offers you a real monitoring solution for improving the comfort of your environment.

POST - IOT - Facility Tools

Our solutions

Monitoring the air quality in your spaces

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows you to collect information about the air quality in your premises, using easily deployable sensors.

Through implementing IoT solutions, POST offers you all the necessary tools for:

  • Measuring the air quality
  • Monitoring the temperature, level of humidity and CO2
  • Being alerted in case of abnormal values
  • Ensuring compliance with the cold chain

Transmitting the information of your dry contacts

The opening of doors, windows or shutters, paper towel dispensers… Connect dry contacts to POST’s transmitters in order to view your data on a personalised dashboard.

Configure your alert sensors and thresholds via our platform for:

  • Improving the monitoring of your remote sites
  • Identifying the origins of your overconsumption
  • Controlling your energy costs
  • Being alerted in case of restocking requirement

Why choose POST to support you with your IoT project?


POST has selected the Cumulocity IoT platform from Software AG in order to offer a comprehensive range of IoT services.
The Cumulocity IoT platform collects the data sent by the various installed sensors.


Application Enablement

The sensors send the data via any type of network (mobile phone, Sigfox, LoRaWan, wired, etc.), the data are collected, analysed and formatted by the platform. The user just has to log onto the platform to access the data in the form of a dashboard or web interface. Via APIs, the data can also be used by third-party systems to offer enhanced applications.

Device Management

The Cumulocity IoT platform can also be used to control sensors remotely: check that they are functioning correctly (battery level), modify settings such as the frequency of data reporting or the level at which an alert is generated.

Security Management

All of the data are encrypted and secure. A comprehensive user and user group management policy, with defined access to the data, as well as the sensors and devices, is incorporated into the platform.

IoT Event

3rd edition: Reinventing the working environment

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Smart Parking solution with Onesitu: 12:01 - 24:21

Workplace Management solution with Condeco: 24:22 - 34:39

Space Experience with CSM: 34:40 - 46:49

Round table: Reimagining the workplace: 46:50 - 1:29:59

4th edition: Flexibility, your new super-power?

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Flex Tracking: 59:58 – 1:45:45

Conclusion: 1:45:46 – 1:47:42