Host your workstations in the secure Cloud from POST Luxembourg

Make your IT infrastructure more adaptable and flexible with our virtual workstation hosting service – at very competitive prices.

  • Streamline and simplify how your PC fleet is managed: let POST take care of your regular licenses, updates and backups
  • Virtualise your workstations to make them accessible from any fixed or mobile device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) via a user-friendly, online interface
  • The same end-user experience as with a PC desktop


Our solution


CloudWorkplace is a virtualisation solution for all or some of your workstations. With CloudWorkplace, POST provides your staff with one or multiple complete workstations, either with our shared solution, CloudDesk, or our private solution, CloudVDI, as well as individual CloudApp applications.

All the data produced and processed on these virtual workstations – accessible from any device – is hosted in POST Telecom’s secure datacentres in Luxembourg to ensure maximum security for your data.


Hosted in the Cloud and managed by POST, CloudDesk is a shared virtual workspace environment that gives you all the features of a typical workstation.

CloudVDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

CloudVDI is a customisable virtual workspace environment that is hosted on a dedicated server and incorporates advanced functionality.


CloudApp is an application which POST manages for you. You can access it via an online portal from any fixed or mobile device (PC, laptop, iPad, smartphone). Applications that can be managed by POST with CloudApp range from accounting software to supply chain management software and CRM/HRIS software.

The benefits to you


  • Reduced IT ownership and investment costs; a virtualised workstation lasts longer than a traditional PC and you can also enjoy significant savings in storage costs and space
  • Focus your internal IT resources on the real needs of your end users and clients: POST Telecom manages your regular data backups and software updates, proactively handles potential incidents and gives you access to our professional support centre
  • • Improve the overall agility and security of your business by reducing your support costs and enhancing your mobile taskforce, knowing that your data is safely stored, away from your workstations and mobile devices


CloudDesk and CloudVDI virtual workstation solutions give you access to:

  • A full virtual desktop (Windows)
  • The latest version of the standard Office suite
  • 40GB of private and secure disk space
  • A web browser
  • All your USB communication ports (on PC and laptop)
  • An online communication interface accessible from iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices