Efficient collaboration for a highly productive company

Improve your professional communications and maximise the productivity of your company with our unified collaboration service.

  • Better quality communications between colleague
  • Simplify all of your means of communication with a single scalable system
  • Reduce running costs for your company

Our solution


A unified collaboration system

POST, in partnership with its software providers, offers you a unified collaboration service:

  • an efficient collaboration environment,
  • ease of communication using a common tool,
  • increased mobility,
  • option to work remotely, just like being in the office.

Innovative functionality

The collaboration system allows you to:

  • find out if your contact is available, wherever they are,
  • leave a message, regardless of the medium (instant message, voicemail, email, video, etc.),
  • log on from a variety of devices: computer, telephone, tablet or web browser.
  • to manage internal communications in your company in a standard manner, regardless of source: telephone or smartphone

Data hosted in Luxembourg

Collaboration services are operated from our Cloud platform.

  • Your data (e.g. messages, contacts, calendars) are hosted in our datacentres in Luxembourg,
  • Access to your system is guaranteed by the redundancy of the POST platform,
  • Excellent connectivity from either a mobile or a landline,
  • Your access is secure and reliable.
  • Your environment is fully dedicated (private cloud) or shared (shared cloud)

A unified and scalable system

In partnership with Microsoft and Citrix, we can offer you a unified collaboration system with Microsoft Exchange, Lync and SharePoint, all using the 2013 versions.


You can easily, at your own pace, migrate your IT to a 100% Cloud model:



The outstanding messaging tool , for communicating in a fully shared environment based on Microsoft Exchange:

  • professional messaging with: email, calendars, contact lists and shared files,
  • a specific domain name for your company,
  • data accessible wherever you are,
  • share your data (e.g. emails, contacts, calendars)
  • access from different types of device: PC, web browser, tablet, mobile phone. Compatible with Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone.
  • secure service: protection for sensitive and confidential communications, in accordance with public regulations, anti-spam and anti-spyware tools integrated upstream
  • storage and archiving functions (10GB and 25GB respectively)


BusinessCommunication enhances BusinessMail with all of the functionalities of Microsoft Skype for Business, facilitating permanent connections between all employees in your company:

  • instant messaging in addition to your Business messaging service
  • attendance management,
  • internal and external conferences in audio, video and web modes,
  • automatically integrated into all Microsoft Office applications
  • integration to the Skype public world via a network


BusinessCollaboration further enhances BusinessCommunication with the addition of the functionalities of Microsoft SharePoint and facilitates management, collaboration and information sharing between the employees of your company.

  • creation of all types of group working intranet,
  • centralisation of information, data or knowledge,
  • intuitive content management,
  • customise your system based on your business needs,
  • familiar user interface, based on the Office user experience,
  • indexation and search tools,

The benefits to you


Improved communications

You have a collaboration service to unify all of your company’s means of communication.

This system integrates fully into your company’s existing system. Improves communications between all of your employees.

Numerous benefits make life simpler for your staff:

  • improved professional communications
  • optimised running costs
  • real-time problem solving

Reduce your company’s operating costs

POST’s unified collaboration and communication system allows you to reduce certain operating costs through:

  • increased productivity with an infrastructure that is always available
  • complete independence for organising your videoconferences and VoIP
  • no investment in hardware or software (included in the price and invoiced on a monthly basis),
  • greater scalability of your IT systems thanks to monthly invoicing of your licenses and the day-to-day administration performed by POST
  • a reduction in the amount of travelling by your employees because they are contactable anywhere,
  • a pricing plan tailored to your actual usage, which is flexible from month to month.

Versatility of integration

  • a reliable and highly secure system with full redundancy, compatible with your company’s existing tools and systems,
  • a genuinely unified system for managing voice calls and data in a private and secure cloud
  • fluid migration and roll-out, guided by our experts,

Upgradability for other Cloud services

Our solution is easily integrated into our full range of Cloud solutions. As such, you can easily migrate your IT to a 100% Cloud model: