Build your IT infrastructure with a fleet of virtual servers hosted in POST Cloud

Make your IT infrastructure more adaptable and flexible by hosting your servers

  • Your data is stored in high-quality data centres
  • Your IT infrastructure becomes more adaptable and flexible
  • Increase your staff’s productivity by making your business data available from anywhere

The benefits to you

  • You no longer have to manage several different licensing agreements (e.g. Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix). You only have to manage the applications which matter for you.
  • Easy to roll-out applications without the cost and complexity of managing an infrastructure
  • Data is safe, secure and backed up in high-quality data centres
  • An adaptable and flexible IT infrastructure
  • Save time and increase responsiveness and efficiency for your staff.
  • Smooth out your investment costs with monthly payments.

Our solution

  • CloudServer is the solution that manages the operational running of your servers
  • CloudServer offers flexibility in terms of roll-out by allowing you to easily scale the server environment to your needs

The solution provides you with:

    • A virtual server (sizes S, M, L, XL) with associated memory and CPUs, as well as 60 GB of system space
    • Licenses for all underlying layers and a Windows Server license (2008 R2 or 2012 R2)
    • Access to storage with a variety of performance levels in our data centre with increments of 100 GB
    • Access to our backup library for short, medium and long-term archiving of your data
    • Access to a web-based interface for managing your servers where the primary operations are directly available to you (start, pause, shutdown, console) but where you can easily sign up for other virtual servers
    • Access to our professional support centre

Technical features

Provision of a web portal (myCloud) where you can manage your server(s) and gain access to the system console as if it was on your premises