Security Operations Center as a Service

The managed service to monitor the security of your business 24/7

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Our mission is your protection

As a provider of managed security services, POST proposes the Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) for your infrastructure, systems and applications. The SOC operates 24/7 with our Cyberforce experts monitoring, detecting and processing the various security alerts that could impact your business or activity.

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A mature and proactive approach that monitors and detects security incidents to secure organizations and business activities

The detection, which is at the heart of the solution, combines logs, network traffic and relevant business data to produce relevant and in depth intelligence about today’s vulnerabilities and tomorrow’s threats that may affect your business

One of the key elements in protecting against and dealing with cyberattacks in the ever-changing landscape of cyber security


A continuous monitoring is ensured and events are analyzed through the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) infrastructure which is previously configured to automate the identification and resolution of security incidents.


Flexibility is the key :

  • Cloud based or on-premise architecture choice
  • Access to your logs, KPIs and customized dashboards
  • Development of personalized correlation rules
  • Weekly reports aligned to your requirements
  • Variable logs storage times depending on your needs
  • Log access if further investigations are needed


  • GDPR & NIS compliant
  • Splunk Premier Partner

“A team of 50 certified security experts”


The banking sector is heavily regulated (EBA/GL/2019/04 guidelines) on security risk management and has a duty to establish and implement policies and procedures to detect abnormal activities that may impact their security. As part of this continuous monitoring, financial institutions should implement appropriate and effective capabilities for detecting and reporting physical or logical intrusion as well as breaches of confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information assets. With our SOCaaS solution you will be compliant with these regulations.


Gresham Technologies secures its solutions with the POST SOC

Thanks to POST’s Security Operations Center, the fintech company Gresham Technologies (Gresham) is continuously improving its systems security management, constantly monitoring activity and able to react quickly to any incidents.

Marc Binck, Head of Cloud Services, Gresham
Hakim Zaioua, DevOps Lead, Gresham

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