VMware is a US technology company founded in 1998 that offers organisations virtualisation solutions to effectively increase productivity and better manage and develop their system environment in a dynamic way.

POST implements and supports VMware solutions at the client’s premises or through its own cloud solutions.

POST has maintained a strategic partnership with VMware since 2007.

VMware is now recognised as a global leader for its virtualisation, hyperconverged infrastructure and centralised workstation management solutions.

What needs are POST and VMware responding to?

Virtualisation solutions for an adaptable, high-performance IT environment

POST uses VMware virtualisation solutions to help its clients update their system environment, which increases versatility, improves operational performance and lets them benefit from economies of scale. We also implement workstation virtualisation tools as well as Desktop as a Service solutions. Finally, POST has access to VMware solutions as part of the construction of its own cloud services, which are now available to all clients.

Digital Workplace

Connect and communicate simply and securely

Simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device with VMware Workspace ONE, an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform. Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management.

Digital Workplace


  • It takes less than an hour to set up a new user across all devices and applications
  • Security is enhanced by integrating access policies across all applications and devices
  • Data and applications are protected without affecting the user experience
  • Increased automation across the entire digital workspace environment delivers cost savings
  • Its versatile and secure environment offers your employees and IT infrastructure freedom and control

Hybrid Cloud

Access consistent infrastructure and operations

Are you keen to have a fast and efficient IT system without needing to change your existing tools, teams and processes? VMware’s Hybrid Cloud is a consistent base for your digital business. With VMware’s Hybrid Cloud solutions, you have the freedom to build and deploy a hybrid environment using your existing data centre.

Hybrid Cloud


  • Consistent infrastructure and operations however you choose to distribute workloads
  • Focus on the requirements of the business and developing software functionality, without needing to worry about the underlying infrastructure
  • Consistent infrastructure and operations on web and cloud platforms
  • Cloud-native integration for seamless workload migration
  • Workloads are rapidly migrated without being restricted to a particular environment


POST and VMware: a partnership for the benefit of the end-user

"This partnership enables companies to gain in efficiency during their digital transformation, and in particular their migration to the Cloud."

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How are POST and VMware working together?

Partenaire VMWare

VMware expertise for the construction and management of the IT environment of tomorrow

POST ensures the maintenance of this environment by integrating VMware solutions either by offering managed services or by making them directly available in the cloud. As a VMware partner, POST has teams with accredited skills in implementing the solutions offered by the American company, as well as providing management and support throughout their life cycle. The different VMware certifications recognise our know-how concerning server and workstation virtualisation as well as cloud provisioning.


Enjoy all the power of Hybrid Cloud thanks to consistent operations

Read four use cases to improve service provision and add value for the company.

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