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HP Inc. (also known as HP and stylised under the name of hp) is a US technology company which develops PCs, printers, associated/related accessories and 3D printing solutions.

POST is “HP Partner First Gold Partner” certified

POST has been working with HP since 1997

HP is the world market leader of computer hardware

Why has POST selected HP’s bid?

Constantly innovating

Technology is changing the world. Therefore, HP would like, through its technological innovations, to simplify everyone’s life, everywhere. HP is constantly reinventing itself with new solutions, whether in computing or printing, in order to anticipate the requirements of businesses.

POST is collaborating with HP in order to benefit from computing solutions, i.e. from its “end-user devices”: PCs and HP laptops. POST has also selected HP’s bid for its printing solutions.
Indeed, according to a study carried out by Spiceworks in 2018, 30% of businesses consider printers to be high-risk factors in terms of security. In the same way as PCs, printers are connected to the network and are able to send emails. Their memory can therefore be easily vulnerable to attacks. POST is working in partnership with HP in order to provide its clients with secure printing solutions. Especially as HP printers are recognised as being the most secure printers.

Lastly, as HP is the world market leader of computer hardware, this strategic partnership is strengthening POST’s expertise and allows it to provide its clients with complete solutions. Thus, clients are able to concentrate and focus on their core business.

How do POST and HP work together?

Certified expertise in printing and computing

POST possesses “HP Gold Partner” certification which allows it to sell HP computing (desktop, notebook, monitor…) and printing (printers, scanners…) products.
POST also possesses “HP Service First Partner” HP certification which allows it to provide onsite maintenance services for the proposed HP hardware.

POST’s HP certified employees are regularly trained in HP innovations in order to provide you with continuous expertise that is constantly evolving.

Through its distribution partnership with HP, POST is able to develop new tailored solutions and meet the requirements of any type of infrastructure.
POST is therefore able to assist SMEs and Key Accounts in the deployment and management of computing and printing solutions.

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