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A subsidiary of the Hitachi Japanese industrial group, Hitachi Vantara offers a wide range of products designed for making dynamic and intelligent use of data, as well as storing it. Hitachi Vantara was created as part of the consolidation of the activities of HDS, specialised in information storage, and Pentaho, internationally renowned for its expertise in AI. The company offers state-of-the-art technology to organisations looking to store, augment, activate and make the most of their data with a view to improving their operational efficiency, reducing costs or creating new sources of revenue.

POST offers a Hitachi Premier certified help and support service.

Hitachi Vantara has been a POST partner since 2006

Hitachi Vantara is recognised as the market leader by Gartner, thanks in no small part to the storage solutions it offers.

Why POST chose Hitachi Vantara solutions

The best storage technology for making efficient use of data

Data and its uses are now at the heart of the strategic considerations of organisations. In an increasingly digitised world, POST wants to offer its clients the best information storage technologies while also making it possible for them to process all their data efficiently.

To ensure these data analysis and AI solutions work efficiently, the organisations require an effective storage infrastructure which offers a very high level of redundancy and quickly writes data.

By integrating the possibilities offered by hyperconvergence, Hitachi Vantara has developed some of the best-performing state-of-the-art infrastructure solutions on the market.

Hitachi Vantara now offers solutions which not only handle the issue of dynamic data storage, but also enable organisations to extract value from the data they possess.

From the top of its technology stack, Hitachi Vantara can also implement an application layer in the field of data management and business intelligence. Its Data Analytics platform, which makes use of Pentaho expertise, opens up new opportunities for improved data valorisation.

How POST and Hitachi Vantara are working together

A unique technology to create the infrastructures of tomorrow

POST is a “Premier” partner of Hitachi Vantara for Luxembourg. This certification is proof of our in-depth knowledge of many of the Hitachi Vantara solutions and the possibilities they offer for the development of state-of-the-art infrastructures.

Our experts are trained to help organisations in Luxembourg identify their needs and implement a tailored solution based on the advanced technologies of Hitachi Vantara.

Our expertise allows us to implement a dedicated infrastructure directly within the client’s premises, to be operated by their own IT teams. We can also make this technology accessible through tailored managed services offers. The technology stack is then handled by our teams. The client pays a monthly subscription fee depending on the service contract.

Thanks to the partnership we maintain, we can guarantee 24/7 local service and support which meets the high standards of Hitachi Vantara.