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Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a major player in technology worldwide. With one of the most comprehensive offers on the market, from cloud computing to datacentres, including collaborative work solutions, HPE helps organisations improve the effectiveness, performance and security of their IT systems.

POST is a Silver Partner and Pointnext Services Delivery

POST has been in partnership with HPE since 1997

HPE is recognised by Forrester and Gartner as a leader in hyperconverged infrastructure technology.

Why POST chose HPE’s offer ?

Transforming our clients’ infrastructures to improve performance

The transformation of our clients’ IT infrastructures must reduce their costs, increase flexibility and improve performance. By making use of HPE’s technologies, we can implement state of the art architectures and infrastructures as part of a hyperconverged approach.

The HPE servers, linked with IT resource management software solutions, enable a more flexible management of the available capacity, covering storage, power and network. When setting up your own infrastructure, it is now possible to access a dynamic resource management system which adapts as your needs develop. Among other things, a converged infrastructure based on HPE technology allows for easy connections to publicly available cloud platforms which helps make the most of available capacities.

HPE also offers flexible financial models. Your cost structure depends on the actual use of the chosen IT resource. By following this unique approach offered by HPE, it is possible to better align IT costs with the real needs of the organisation.

How POST and HPE are working together ?

Expertise to improve performance.

The HPE Silver partnership with POST covers “server” and “data centre” specialisations, which means POST can help its clients develop their infrastructure to improve performance. We use the HPE servers and technology to deploy some of the best performing on-premises infrastructures and to bring the advantages of the hybrid cloud to our clients.

HPE technology works in tandem with the Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure appliance. Thanks to its partnerships with HPE and Nutanix, POST is a key contact in Luxembourg concerning the implementation of hyperconverged infrastructures which provide greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

As well as the Nutanix DX solution which relies on HPE technologies, POST Telecom has also specialised in the new solution from HPE and Vmware which uses the HPE Synergy Composable Cloud. Thanks to this, POST Telecom can now offer pay-per-use VMware virtual machines on Greenlake for the first time, as well as a complete VMware Cloud Foundation stack.

This enables us to help our clients master their global IT environment by making the most of the advantages available today. Beyond implementation, we can offer them permanent local support for the HPE servers deployed within their business or in one of the POST group data centres.