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Fortinet is one of the global leaders which enable your IT infrastructure to be made more secure and simplified.
Through its wide range, Fortinet is the solution for operators, big and small businesses alike.
Fortinet's "Security Fabric" responds in an integrated and automated manner to known and unknown threats to the whole of your infrastructure, whether it is physical, virtual or cloud.

POST is a Certified Gold Partner and MSSP Gold Partner

A pioneer in security, Fortinet has filed 619 patents

Fortinet is the most deployed network security solution in the world

Why has POST chosen the Fortinet package?

A complete range of end-to-end ICT solutions

The threats which can affect businesses are constantly evolving. To keep pace with these developments, our clients need comprehensive network protection which is tailored to all infrastructures in place and which anticipates vulnerabilities on the attack surface.

A true visionary, Fortinet offers a complete range of products and solutions for intelligent, automated and effective security of the data centre in the cloud for all applications, users and data. Fortinet excels in all key stages of network security: detection, prevention, correction and integration.

How are POST and Fortinet working together?

Certified expertise in network security

POST possesses the "Gold Partner" and "MSSP Gold Partner" certification labels. MSSP certification makes POST the only managed security service provider (MSSP) in Luxembourg.
Fortinet is POST Telecom's strategic partner, notably for providing Firewalls. With its FortiGate, POST is thus able to offer its clients not only next-generation firewalls, but is also able to offer comprehensive protection to your users, messaging servers, web applications and a whole lot more.

The FortiGate next-generation firewall capitalises on custom security processors developed by Fortinet, which give you greater performance and provide you with an optimal ROI.

POST has been working with Fortinet since 2013 and has nine Fortinet certified experts in Luxembourg so that it can offer its clients tailored security solutions.

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