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Commvault is a US provider of data management solutions which make it possible to protect, manage and use the most critical asset – your companies data.
The company was founded in 1996 and its registered office is located in New Jersey.

POST offers a support service certified by Commvault (CASP: Commvault Authorized Support Program)

POST has been working with Commvault since 2004

Commvault is registered as a leader for Gartner, Forrester and IDC

Why has POST chosen Commvault's offer ?

The best backup and restore technology in the market

Businesses are rapidly evolving and increasingly want to become digitalised, resulting in important discussions about their data backup and recovery requirements.

At the same time, a rise in Ransomware attacks is being observed. According to Gartner, before 2020, 30% of businesses will be using snapshot backups for reasons other than operational restores (for example, recovery after an incident, testing/development, DevOPS…). In addition, the number of businesses who will be calling on backup technologies in the Cloud is going to double. Lastly, despite increasingly effective measures, the number of Ransomware attacks will have doubled by 2019.

All these elements require coming up with data backup and recovery solutions for businesses with issues other than just performance. For the development of a plateform, the right questions have to be asked by each part involved, namely how to respond to today's issues and how to anticipate those of tomorrow.

Commvault directly meets the data backup and recovery requirements in keeping with the development of businesses, by providing innovative solutions allowing our clients to move their data to the Cloud, prevent service provider lockout and rapidly progress in order to sustain rapid growth.

Moreover, Gartner has awarded Commvault the highest recognition by naming it leader of the "Center Backup and Recovery Software" Magic Quadrant.

How are POST and Commvault working together ?

Certified expertise in storage and management

POST is now the first certified CASP (Commvault Service Advantage Program) in Luxembourg. And, although POST is a longstanding partner of Commvault (with a relationship of more than ten years), this latest certification proves our experience in the deployment and management of Commvault's solutions.

POST is therefore able to assist SMEs and Key Accounts in the study and/or audit of Data Management tools, the deployment of these same solutions and maintenance in operational condition.

POST and Commvault's teams can help you to keep control of your data, even in the complex migration process from a physical environment to a hybrid or Cloud infrastructure.

POST's integrated solutions can help you to better manage your short- and long-term storage requirements, whilst improving your confidentiality and reducing your costs.

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