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To better support the digital transformation of its customers, POST Luxembourg adopts an ambitious cybersecurity strategy and brings together all of its cybersecurity skills around a unique team calledPOST Cyberforce. The POST Cyberforce dedicated team of 50 experts is able to provide an optimal protection from the infrastructure to the data to every customer and for every need.

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Our team

In a hyper-connected environment, where every employee accesses company data at any time via multiple devices, the security of your network and data is threatened every day. As a Telecom provider and IT integrator, POST offers an in-depth defense, on each layer of your information system: servers, data, network, connectivity, identification.

Security is therefore at the heart of POST Cyberforce concerns.

POST Cyberforce is the result of the convergence of the cybersecurity skills and knowledge of POST Telecom and EBRC in order to better anticipate and to counter cyber threats.

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Our certifications

In order to guarantee quality services and a flawless security to its customers, the Cyberforce team certifies itself continuously.

  • ISO 27001 certification of POST Telecom for information security management
  • POST was awarded “Security Project of the Year” in 2018
  • Mohamed Ourdane, Head of POST Cyberforce was awarded “IS Personality of the Year” in 2019
  • POST Cyberforce signed the Paris Call

Our partners

POST Cyberforce is pleased to provide end-to-end solutions and relevant accompaniement and support for both internal and external customers, locally and internationally thanks to an ecosystem of innovative partners.


POST Cyberforce developed end-to-end cybersecurity solutions tailored to the needs of its customers to support them from start to finish.



The Cyberforce Red Team gathers 10 pentesters. Our certified Ethical Hackers are constantly trying to exploit system vulnerabilities through legal offensive missions in order to evaluate the security of the target systems and to better protect them.


Through its « Risk &Business Advisory » entity, POST Cyberforce offers advisory services in:

  • Governance, Risks and Compliance
  • Business Continuity Management
  • IT Transformation
  • Data Centre Services
  • Training Center

The RBA entity, involving an independant expertise, is an integral part of POST Cyberforce but managed within EBRC, one of the subsidiaries of POST Group.

More info on Advisory services:


Security breaches are not always due to technical problems. That’s why POST Cyberforce raises awareness among your teams to limit the risks of cyber threats.

POST Cyberforce teamed up with MindForest to create a security culture among your business:

  • Reality-Check
  • Storytelling
  • Gamification
  • Online & physical training sessions
  • Cybersafe community

Professional security solutions

POST Cyberforce aims to design and implement security solutions for our customers by ensuring operational management when it is needed. These protection solutions or innovative monitoring solutions meet the requirements of Information Security Management and answer to the needs of the market.

  • Support and implementation of solutions for vulnerability and threat management
  • Data and Identity Protection and Monitoring (compliance, encryption, MFA, IAG, IAM,...)
  • Internet and Network Access Security (DDOS, Firewall, Web/Email Gateway, IPS/IDS, Sandboxing)
  • Devices, Servers and company applications Protection (anti-malware software, application control, hosted iPS/IDS)

POST Cyberforce is also focused on open innovation, with the development of new solutions and the setting up of research partnerships within our CyberLabs. Our teams continuously develop and test new security solutions to stay on the cutting edge of security technologies and solutions.


Our Cyberdefense service ensures the security monitoring and cross-management of security incidents within its Security Operation Center (SOC) and Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).

  • A unique local SOC for both IT and Telecom threats
  • Real time incidents detection and response
  • Guaranteed regulatory compliance
  • Incident analysis and machine learning

Telecom Security

Our solution designed by a telecom operator for telecom operators

In the context of global roaming and interworking within the mobile industry, the interconnection of hundreds of roaming partners is now raising the question of how much trust should be placed on a mobile operator when its core network elements and subscribers are exposed.

As attacks from cyber-criminals and national agencies are growing in both frequency and complexity, mobile operators must act now in order to improve network security and monitor performance.

In order to provide operators a better visibility and understanding of their global telecom security roaming exposure, POST Telecom has been developing 2 innovative solutions that combine advanced automation, flexibility and scalability.