Enjoy cheaper international calls with Telekaart!

Your benefits

With a Telekaart prepaid phone card you can make national and international calls from any phone in Luxembourg while keeping on top of your budget.

  • Stay in control of your phone budget
  • Benefit from preferential tariffs for your international calls
  • Call from any phone in Luxembourg




How does it work?

With a Telekaart prepaid phone card you can keep on top of your budget, while enjoying the best phone tariffs.

  • With a Telekaart you get the best tariffs for calls to Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Cape Verde, Croatia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia and the Ukraine.
  • You can use your Telekaart to make calls from any phone in Luxembourg, including mobiles and phone booths, to any number, whether it's national or international, a landline or a mobile.
  • The card is easy to use and there is an automated service to guide you through the process. It is available from many retail outlets.