Fraudulent E-Mails

Phishing-attacks against users of the Webmail POST Luxembourg service

POST Luxembourg is asking his clients to be very careful with phishing attacks.

Some emails give the impression that they have been sent by and they request you to follow the attached link. You will then be asked to fill in a fake form with your personal details.

It is important to ignore and delete these emails. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service on 8002 8004.

Please consider the advices below:

  • Do never click on a link recommended in a suspicious email.
  • Beware of emails requesting personal information (credit card details, logins, passwords, etc.). POST Luxembourg will never ask you about such personal data via email.
  • If you receive an usual email then verify the following questions:
    • Did I communicate my email address to this company or person?
    • Can I identify the received email by any familiar indications (customer number, contact person, etc.)?
    • Are there numerous spelling mistakes?
    • Are the name of the company, its logo and the email address correct? Watch out that “POST” in “POST Luxembourg” is always written with capital letters and “Post Luxembourg Mail” does not exist.

POST Luxembourg cares about your safety.
To get more information about “web protection” and “email protection” please visit the internet section on