My letterbox

Receive your mail in the way that best suits you!

Looking to receive your letters and parcels in time and in perfect condition? See our recommendations for a suitable and compliant letterbox*.


Your letterbox should be placed as close as possible to the public highway. Access should be clear, easy and free of danger.

If you live in a building at the corner of two streets, the mailbox should be located in front of the building, not on the side, to avoid confusion with neighbouring buildings.

EMPLACEMENT de votre Boîte aux lettres


Taille de votre Boîte aux lettres

Your box should be large enough and appropriate to the amount of mail you receive.

It should also be able to accept several types of deliveries to make life easier: small envelopes, large envelopes and small parcels.

Please note that only letters and parcels without tracking and which do not require a signature on receipt may be placed directly in your letterbox.

The minimum recommended sizes for your letterbox is 35 x 26 x 10 cm.


Your box should have an opening of minimum 25 cm wide x 3 cm high.

Did you know?

If you receive a lot of parcels, you can use a parcel box!
For further information:

Ouverture Boite aux lettres


Hauteur Boîte aux lettres

Your letterbox opening should be at a height of between 0.80 and 1.50 m above the ground.



Write the names of all the inhabitants on the letterbox: these names should be clearly visible.

Indique son nom sur les boîtes aux lettres POST Luxembourg

* These recommendations are set out in the EU DIN EN 13724 standard.