All your postal products and services at home!

POST is changing its products and services to make your life simpler and is now making them available to you at home! The following products and services are available from your postman on request and you’ll receive your order during the delivery round following your request.


At your request, your postman can withdraw money from your CCP account and bring it to you at home to make life easier for you and save you a journey.

In the same way, he can also pay money into your CCP account for you (limited amount per day).

Your postman will take care of everything for you and you’ll receive your order at home during the next delivery round. It’s a quick, simple service, and it’s free!


If you’re about to move to a new home or go on holiday, remember to talk to your postman about registering to have your mail held or forwarded!

With our mail holding and forwarding services:

  • your mail (daily newspapers extra) is held while you’re away.
  • your mail (daily newspapers extra) is forwarded to another address.

Subscribe to one of the two services and we can suspend your newspaper deliveries for a period of your choice.

To subscribe, simply bring a proof of identity and fill in the form provided by your postman, giving the date on which you would like the service to begin.


Your postman will take care of stamping your letters and parcels and dropping them off at the post office, so you no longer have to make the journey yourself. Just ask your postman to help you. He can tell you how many stamps you need for your letter or parcel and the postage cost. Once your letters and parcels are stamped, simply hand them over to your postman and he’ll post them for you.

In addition to your mail items, you can also hand your registered mails over to your postman.


Your postman is there to advise and help you in order to subscribe our services, but he can also sell you certain products at home. Simply place your order with him and he’ll bring you the products you’ve asked for during his next round.

  • Stamps
    Three sorts of stamps are available: Luxembourg, Europe and World. So you can send letters and parcels wherever you want, simply and easily, without having to leave home.
  • Packaging
    POST provides you with PostPack cardboard packagings in several sizes which have to be stamped, along with a full range of Ready2Post prepaid packages valid for Luxembourg and Europe.
  • FollowMe labels
    Use the FollowMe option to track your letters and parcels all the way to their destination. Simply place your label on your letter or parcel (maximum 2kg) and keep the slip on which your tracking number is printed. Then go to www.trackandtrace.lu and enter the full tracking number (without spaces) to find out where your letter or parcel is.
  • Coin rolls
    Your postman can bring you coin rolls (limited daily amount) on request.


If you’re rarely at home to receive your parcels, you can still have them delivered to a particular location at home in your absence. So, when you get home at the end of the day, they’re waiting for you where you’ve authorised us to drop them off.

Subscribe freely to PackUp Home and you can choose from a selection predefined by POST of suitable locations where your parcels can be dropped off.