Send your parcels in complete safety


Online tracking is available for the majority of the destinations.

For further information please call 8002 8004.

Tracking of national parcels on

Insurance included

In case of lost, theft or damage, the price of transportation of your parcel includes an insurance which covers a maximum value depending on the destination.

For further information please call 8002 8004.

Dimensions and weights

A parcel cannot be bigger than the following dimensions:

  • Dimension 1: L = 1.5 m and L + 2W + 2H = 3 m
  • Dimension 2: L = 1.05 m and L + 2W + 2H = 2 m

L = Length / W = Width / H = Height

Maximum weight: may vary depending on the destination.

Maximum permitted dimension and weight per destination

Parcels sent outside the European Union

To send parcels out of the European Union, it is mandatory to complete a customs declaration and add an invoice in duplicate or attach an import permission or a certificate of the origin of goods. It is obligatory to attach an export permission for any content which value exceeds 1.000 €.

It is of your responsibility to contact the customs authorities regarding possible customs duties and diverse formalities.

For further information please call 8002 8004.