Corporate SIP Trunk

The next generation redundant Voice over IP solution



You have a telephone exchange and would you like to keep it while benefiting from IP telephony. Do you need redundancy on one or more sites?

Then our SIP Trunk Corporate product is for you! Get THE SIP Trunk Premium solution on the Luxembourg market! Determining the right number of channels for all your sites has never been easier!

SIP Trunk Corporate guarantees you:

  • Redundancy on one or more sites => if one of the lines is lost, the redundant link that is still active will take over all the channels
  • Great flexibility: upgrading or downgrading the number of channels to meet your needs for all your sites has never been easier
  • The highest service level agreements (SLAs) on the Luxembourg market, including for redundancy projects


POST ensures that all SIP traffic is transferred from your SBC to the VoIP platform via its secure end-to-end network.

As the transfer of voice traffic is controlled entirely by POST, the SIP Trunk Corporate offer guarantees:

  • A secure service: POST's SIP Trunk routes communications through its extremely secure private network that is separate from the Internet. It is, in particular, this dedicated line that guarantees the Quality of Service, prioritising voice transmission that is completely separate from the public Internet.
  • Quality of Service (QoS): Quality of Service is a network's ability to transfer a type of traffic by ensuring the availability, speed and transfer time, which has a direct impact on the quality of outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Complete control of the line: the service is managed from start to finish on the POST network from your PBX to our VoIP platforms.
  • Line redundancy: thanks to the Carrier Ethernet solution, SIP Trunk Corporate lines are redundant: all the channels are distributed between two links (or more) and each of these links is responsible for half of the channels you have subscribed to. If one of the two links is lost, the redundant link still active will support all the channels. The redundancy with SIP Trunk Corporate is optimised by maintaining the total number of SIP channels subscribed to even if one of the lines is lost. Redundancy designs are validated by a POST Expert check for enhanced security!
  • Great flexibility in the number of channels: distributed between project SIP Trunks: you can upgrade or downgrade the number of channels to meet your needs for all your sites.
  • SLA Premium+ for the highest SLA on the market included for redundant projects. A solution which supports an unlimited number of channels on a single trunk as it is built on symmetrical Carrier Ethernet lines.
  • Assistance from our experts for a design that meets the requirements of complex infrastructures.


  • Advisory service, provided by our POST experts, for setting up a migration plan or configuring VoIP
  • Test number for deployment and successful migration, which does not affect your business
  • Porting of existing numbers
  • Technical support based in Luxembourg
  • Free internal calls using a single SIP Trunk