Addressed DirectMail

Send your advertising by post!

Sending out an advertising mailshot is a great way to promote your company's products or services, and can be carried out with numerous objectives: prospection, loyalty building or promotion. An addressed advertising mailshot is more personal than a standard one sent out identically to everyone.

  • Advertising or promotional content
  • Advertising material up to 500g (XS and S)
  • Preferential rates available for bulk shipments
  • Non-priority service

Our solution

For your addressed mailing campaigns, choose an addressed DirectMail solution. This is reserved exclusively for the sending of advertising material.

For the distribution of your addressed advertising, you can count on our unique experience in Luxembourg. In doing so, you have the guarantee of reliable, high-quality distribution. The distribution lead time is a maximum of three working days.

Your benefits

  • Reliability - Great care is taken when sending out your mailshots
  • Deadline compliance – Distribution within 3 working days throughout the whole country
  • Economical – Competitive prices

Send an Addressed DirectMail

To send out an Addressed DirectMail, please contact the Sales Department.