Guaranteed alarm transmission

An alarm transmission service from one site to one or more service providers via the POST network

  • You can be certain that your alarms will be transmitted
  • A professional support service is available to you
  • As a provider, you have a permanent overview of the status of the alarms

Your benefits

POST's Alarmis service consists of transmitting alarms from one site to one or more service providers that have a contractual link with POST.

Very sophisticated technical arrangements are implemented to provide the strongest possible guarantees of the transmission of signals, in the best conditions.

A support service is available to you to resolve any problems regarding the supply of the Alarmis product.

Our solutions

Alarm transmitter

  • a transmitter is installed and provided by POST at the site to be monitored;
  • this device has 12 voltage-free contacts at least, to each of which you can connect a signal by using a facility such as a private alarm control unit;
  • the device enables you to monitor up to 44 different signals: motion detectors, door opening sensors, fire alarms, intrusion detectors, water level detectors, glass breakage detectors, etc.


Connectivity to the Alarmis platform

  • A dedicated connection is established by POST over a connection specially set up for that purpose.
  • POST assumes responsibility for the end-to-end management of the service and for all connectivity between the alarm transmitter and the Alarmis platform. It can therefore guarantee that all alarms will be transmitted.


Service provider

  • Alarms are transmitted individually in the form of a code to one or more response centres managed by public providers (Police and CGDIS (112)) or private providers (private security and surveillance companies).