My Cash

Always have money on you

With the My Cash card you always have money on you, enabling you to pay and make withdrawals in Luxembourg and Europe.

Using the My Cash card you can:

  • make payments in Luxembourg and Europe in all shops displaying the VPAY logo
  • withdraw money for free at more than 100 POST & Raiffeisen cash machines
  • withdraw money –for a very competitive fee- at more than 365,000 cash machines across Europe

Your card's pin number can be altered at POST cash machines.

You can request a Postchèque card from any post office.

Credit limits and fees

The following limits and fees apply to the My Cash card:

Withdrawals from a cash machine

€750,00/week 2

Payments in shops

€750,00/week 2

1 Subject to available funds in your account


To avoid becoming the victim of fraud, please take the following precautions:

  • do not keep your pin number on your card or in your wallet/handbag...
  • never give your pin number to other people - your pin number is strictly personal
  • shield your pin number from prying eyes when you using it in shops or to withdraw money

If your Postchèque card gets lost or stolen or your pin number is disclosed, contact +352 49 10 10 (24hrs) immediately to block your card. You will not be held responsible for any transactions carried out after the card was blocked.